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      Industrial IoT

      Industrial devices need industrial-grade memory

      The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming industries and businesses. Micron industrial memory solutions enable industrial IoT devices with collecting, processing, and sharing the data that unlocks and expands business insights and outcomes.

      Industrial IoT applications

      The Industrial IoT is transforming the world of manufacturing—extending automation and connectivity beyond traditional factory walls and driving strong demand for more data acquisition, communication, real-time analytics and data-driven decisions across a wide range of industrial verticals.

      With billions of industrial sensors creating data 24x7, intelligent Edge devices convert them into actionable intelligence for use at the Edge and in the Cloud. Micron’s industrial portfolio of memory and storage solutions address customer needs from cyber-resilience to AI workloads that are critical for these edge devices.

      Connected, smart machines enable industries to improve operational efficiency with minimal or reduced human intervention. At the heart of industrial automation are industrial PCs and embedded boards which rely on Micron’s wide portfolio and platform level support to accelerate time to market with confidence.

      The video surveillance industry is rapidly adopting smart cameras as AI services are integrated into deployments. Micron’s Surveillance-specific memory and storage solutions ensure that these deployments run securely and reliably over years of use.

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      Robotics, drones, autonomous application specific fleets are all creating a virtuous cycle of efficiency and new use cases in the world around us. Micron’s Industrial portfolio helps system designers select the right leading-edge products with long-life cycle support that meet their specific needs.

      Advances in AI are enabling a new era of medical devices—accelerating diagnosis, monitoring and treatment down to individual level. From low-power/small footprint solutions for wearable medical devices to high bandwidth DRAM and high density SSDs, Micron’s industrial portfolio covers our customer needs across the board.

      The retail industry is under radical transformation in how we interact with payment systems, retail signage, and connectivity across disparate systems and networks. Micron’s multichip products are specially designed to rapidly growing needs of this market.

      Micron’s ruggedized high reliability and long lifecycle Industrial portfolio is a perfect design tool for highly demanding A&D customers.

      Intelligent choices for your IIoT designs

      Get reliable performance for a variety of conditions with Micron’s memory and storage products—delivering high capacities and industrial temperature options in several small form factors.

      Whether on the manufacturing line or on an oil rig, accelerate your product development and get to market faster with tested and proven Micron DRAM.

      Need a specific DIMM product? Micron likely manufactures it. Rigorously tested to high-performance standards, our modules are ideal for most industrial designs.

      Industrial products are being asked to do more and ever faster. Our SLC, MLC, TLC, Serial and 3D NAND help make that possible.

      Trucking, farming, distribution — embedded flash applications are everywhere. And designing them is complex. Fully managed NAND like e.MMC and SSDs make it easier.

      Ideal for mission-important IIoT applications that require robust memory, our memory cards provide industrial-grade performance, reliability, quality, longevity and security.

      NAND-Based MCP

      With critical features built in, multichip packages streamline implementation and deliver performance, quality, efficiency, density and temperature ranges at a minimal size.

      Looking for a fast, bootable memory solution that is also reliable, easy to implement and requires minimal management? Micron NOR Flash is what you’re looking for.

      SSDs are revolutionizing IIoT. Micron’s industrial SSDs deliver optimal performance, high capacities, increased reliability and industrial temperature options in small form factors.

      The new IQ for success in IIoT

      Micron’s Industrial Quotient (IQ) is all about making intelligent choices for your IIoT designs. Choices that not only meet functional requirements, but also ensure long-term reliability and quality while keeping product lifecycle management simple.

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      The Micron Advantage

      There is a different consideration set when choosing your industrial-grade memory. Micron knows that. So we design our embedded memory products accordingly.


      IQ = Lower TCO in IIoT

      Application Specific Optimization
      Application Specific Optimization
      Ruggedized Products
      Ruggedized Products
      High-Reliability Products

      Extensive Quality Testing
      Product Longevity Program

      • Application-specific optimization experience from extensive product and use case collaboration with our global partners helps you get to market faster.

      • Ruggedized products help your designs deliver consistent performance across extreme conditions such as temperature, thermal cycling, shock, humidity and more.

      • High reliability from our rigid design and testing processes increases memory endurance to help you meet and exceed longer product lifecycle requirements.
      • Extensive QA testing helps ensure the consistent and high-quality memory that your demanding IIoT products require in mission-critical applications.

      • Product longevity for eligible products via our Product Longevity Program. The program extends our standard product lifecycle support — adding value to your Micron memory choice.



      Compatibility Guides

      See the compatibility guides

      Industrial-Quality Video Surveillance Solutions

      The video surveillance industry is rapidly adopting smart cameras as AI services are integrated into deployments. Micron’s surveillance-specific memory and storage solutions ensure that these deployments run securely and reliably over years of use.